One Two Three

If you want a sexy body that sizzles — and the confidence that comes
with having a banging body without starving yourself — then listen up:

For decades, fitness "experts" have told us that low-fat diets and long, slow cardio are
the sure path to weight loss. The result has been long, slow weight loss!

In fact, Louisiana State University researchers recently found that the average number
of calories burned during exercise actually dropped by 100 calories during the past 20
years — even though people were spending more time in the gym. The so-called
"best" approach to fat loss resulted in skyrocketing obesity rates!

Fortunately, we've learned a lot in the last 30 years. Cutting-edge research now
shows that the right foods combined with efficient circuit-training workouts
gives you better results in less time.

And that's exactly where The Women's Health Big Book of Abs can help you!
No matter what your fitness level or workout challenges, you'll find out how to
look your absolute BEST, with game-changing tips, tricks, and exercises from top
fitness and nutrition experts.

Small Changes, BIG Results! Discover how to speed up your results with smart "quick-fix" hints and tips that help magnify your efforts and give you smokin'-hot abs in far less time than you'd imagine. For example:

  • Burn more calories
    during your workout
    AND increase your
    sleeping metabolism
    by 8 percent.
    simple workout will
    help sculpt gorgeous,
    lean muscle faster!
    Page 116

  • Double your fat
    and keep your
    long, lean muscle. It's
    as easy as enjoying
    some of the yummy
    shakes revealed on
    page 103.

  • Whittle your middle
    as you enjoy eggs,
    cheese, sour cream,
    and beef.
    Yes, fats
    definitely ARE a part of
    your firm and flat abs
    plan! See page 31 for
    the belly-busting plan
    you can really live with!

  • Awesome abs —
    with positively NO
    perform these
    multimuscle and
    multijoint exercises
    (see page 27) and
    work your abs without
    even knowing it!

  • Get on the fast track
    to rapid fat loss with
    resistance workouts

    that trim your belly
    better than cardio.
    See page 129 for the
    best abs exercises
    that help you slash
    fat and look hot in
    whatever outfit you

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